Don’t get shortchanged

Whether you’re preparing to sell your company in the next two years, trying to attract investors to help fuel growth or looking to pre-engineer your new startup to be more attractive to a future buyer, Branding For Buyout will give you the tools and strategies you need.

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With Branding For Buyout, you will:
• Learn how to see your brand not just as an entrepreneur and operator, but as a potential buyer.

• Develop your sense for the competitive landscape, and see broader markets for who you are and what you do.

• Discover how to identify and share the most meaningful and magnetic brand stories that separate the durable from the disposable.

• Understand who the different players are at the deal table, and how you can use their expertise to create a better deal.

• Solve some of the biggest information imbalances at the negotiating table.

• See and avoid some of the biggest traps entrepreneurs get stuck in—from false confidence to narrow focus to mission fatigue.

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